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Haemorrhoid Injecting

Haemorrhoids are enlarged blood vessels in the anus or rectum that occur due to excess pressure from persistent constipation or coughing, being overweight or pregnant, or regular heavy lifting. They can sometimes be painful, itchy or bleed after passing a stool. Haemorrhoids usually have mild symptoms that resolve in a few days. If symptoms are severe or persistent, treatment such as a haemorrhoid injection may be recommended.

Haemorrhoid injection or sclerotherapy involves injecting a chemical solution into the enlarged blood vessels to numb the nerve endings and reduce pain, and harden the haemorrhoid tissue to form scar tissue, which shrivels in a few weeks. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis. Following the procedure, you are advised to rest and resume your regular activities the following day. You may experience some pain and slight bleeding for a short while after the procedure.

Haemorrhoid injections are most effective for treating internal haemorrhoids.

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